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Zero8 SMT-Connector Now Available in Mid-Profile and Low-Profile Types

HighSpeed-Transfer with EMC Protection

die aktuellen Bauhöhen des Zero8
out now: The Zero8 in mid-profile and low-profile allows board-to-board distances of 6.00 to 20.00 mm.
Vergleich geschirmter und ungeschirmter Steckverbinder
The shielding protects the connector from electromagnetic influences. That same shielding also protects surrounding pins from the connector preventing it from becoming a source of interference.
The Zero8 board-to-board connector series is now available in the mid-profile and low-profile versions. The device design allows users to flexibly choose between different pin counts, types, and stack heights. Different heights allow board-to-board distances between 6.00 and 20.00 millimeters to be implemented.

The family of connectors with a pitch of 0.8 mm stands out due to its robust contacting with a high-speed 16 Gbps performance, and features the innovative ScaleX technology: The double-sided ScaleX connection technology can endure the harshest conditions in industrial applications and ensures secure contact mating under mechanical stresses such as shock and vibration.
The double-sided shield concept guarantees trouble-free data transfer in industrial environments: The shielding material used is especially suitable for components with high requirements in terms of electromagnetic compatibility and guarantees a coupling inductance of max. 10 pH for the connector.
The extensive shield concept reliably dissipates interfering currents by means of multiple contacting on both PCBs in the direction of the ground connection. This protects the connector against electromagnetic interference (load), but also adjacent components if the connector acts as a source of interference.

For individual board-to-board distances of 6.00 to 20.00 millimeters, the shielding concept with a mating area of 2.3 millimeters always guarantees secure contacting. The current mid-profile and low-profile designs will be supplemented in the future by shielded and unshielded designs as well as angled versions.
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